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Title: Lead Designer


About Philip Tolar

Philip Tolar had a unique childhood living in places such as Malaysia, Egypt, England, and South Africa. From the time he was a child, he loved to draw, design, and build everything from furniture to buildings. Philip earned his Bachelor degree from the College of Architecture at the University of Houston. While at the University of Houston, he studied under many prestigious architects who taught him to see the beauty and function of classic architecture along with contemporary architecture.

Philip Tolar’s Credentials

Philip joined Frontier Custom Builders in the spring of 2006, and is a valuable member of our team who believes and understands in the philosophy behind Frontier’s success. He enjoys his work as a home designer because of the diversity the job has to offer and is involved in every aspect needed to make our client’s vision a reality. Philip’s keen sense of proportion and his attention to detail is apparent in the quality of all his designs. Philip’s unique plans display his excellent ability to comprehend the needs of his client by providing insightful design solutions that answer the projects boundaries while crafting the client’s dream home.